Treatment of chronic pain in oncology

2019-07-20 10:36:30

Dariusz Pysz-Waberski
The aim of this work is to present the problem of chronic pain in neoplastic disease as a situation requiring diagnosis and interdisciplinary treatment. The phenomenon of chronic pain, it’s types and culprit are discussed. A discussion was held on appropriate scales for measuring pain intensity. Pharmacotherapy and psychotherapy were primarily presented among the discussed treatment methods, and issues related to other methods of interactions related to the treatment of patients with chronic pain in the course of neoplastic disease were discussed. The key aspect of the article is to draw attention to the implementation of a multi — specialist treatment of chronic pain including personalized solutions and the accommodation of the most favorable form of therapy and the methods of its implementation. Key words: chronic pain, pain treatment, pharmacotherapy, psychotherapy, oncology, psychooncology
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